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Accidentally knocked my car into manual without noticing

driving to class today in a 15min drive, at some point during it i accidentally knocking my car in manual without noticing, my music being loud i didn’t hear my car revving, i’m not sure what gear i was, what rpms i was at, or how long i was even in manual. but i noticed when my car starting running off and then a sensor came on for “low engine oil” and then following right after that my “alternator malfunction” sensor also came on and my car suddenly shut off and all i was able to do was roll to a stop on the side of the road. it wouldn’t start back and i had to go to class for my test. later after my class i came back and the car started just fine, no sensors showing or anything. the engine was definitely shaking more than usual but it seemed fine. i pulled out and drove maybe 10ft and maybe 15mph and both of those sensors came back on and my car just shut off again. i’m not sure whats wrong. any ideas??

Starting a new thread isn’t going to get any different responses.

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