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Manual car question

Quick question. So earlier today i was leaving a parking lot and the exit was a small little ramp so since my car scrapes easily i went down slow and as i was about to take off a car came out of no where so i used my break and before i could put it in neutral i stalled. So my question is, is it bad to stall in gear and would it cause my car Any damage



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How many different ways are you going to ask the same question?:smiling_imp:

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Actually, I read his three different posts as representing three different problems/mistakes.
A manual shift car is not for everyone…


Not usually. Do you notice something seems different after that happened?

Stalling out while in gear does put some extra forces not usually incurred on the internal engine parts. But the engine parts are pretty tough, so an occasional stall while in gear generally causes no damage. hmmm … well, Ii there was something about to break anyway, perhaps that extra little jolt could push it over the edge is all.

most everyone with a manual transmission car has stalled it out on occasion.

IMHO the OP needs to stop pretending they know how to drive a stick and just stick to automatics.

It sounds to me like the OP might simply be someone learning how to drive a manual and making some of the mistakes most (perhaps all) of us made when learning. We all had to start somewhere. IMHO the OP is trying to garner information on how to do the job better, and rather than give up I hope he/she keeps on trying and keeps on trying to pick our brains. I’m happy to try to help.

There’s no disgrace at all in asking questions. The disgrace would be in being afraid to ask questions. Or in just giving up rather than continuing to try to learn. Ask away. Please.

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A bit of advice- a car san’t “come out of nowhere” . You are just announcing that you didn’t see it. Accident investigators love to hear that phrase. It settles the fault issue and not in favor of the utterer.
And please learn the difference between break and brake.

This is why people who grew up with standard shift cars didn’t become left foot brakers.


OP here ive been driving standard for 2 years now and taught myself. Yes i still make mistakes yet what bothers me is when you ask for help you get ridiculed. Yes im paranoid about wrecking a car and i ask to verify that it wont do damage is all. But seems like when you ask all you get is people saying go back to automatic.

To suggest that you enlist the help of a friend or relative who is very skilled at driving a manual shift is not “ridicule”.
If you are still making mistakes with shifting technique after two years, that strongly suggests that you need somebody who can sit next to you to critique your technique and to help you to improve your technique.


How about “IMHO the OP needs to stop pretending they know how to drive a stick and just stick to automatics.”?

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If you’ve been driving for two years already and only have these incidents occasionally your car should be fine. Just avoid speed shifting and riding the clutch.

Back in the day I learned how to drive a stick in N. Ireland so I was using my left hand to shift. Back in the US I picked up a 67 Beetle a few years later. As I was driving home from the gas station I was shifting to second gear exiting a turn. Unfortunately I used my left hand, grabbed the door handle, pulled back, and nearly fell out of the car. Fortunately, I’m pretty sure I didn’t hurt the transmission.

Ed B.

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@VDCdriver. “A manual transmission is not for everyone. . .” Well, an automatic transmission is not for everyone either. My experience with an automatic was not pleasant. In fact, I found an automatic most user unfriendly. When I tried to drive an automatic I was going along pretty good until I came to a traffic light on a four lane road that was red. I was the first car in line in my lane. There was a hot rodder in the next lane revving his engine. I knew he wanted to out accelerate me from the stop light. When the traffic light turned green, I put the selector in *D" for “drag” and floored the accelerator. When the hot rodder in the next lane started to pull ahead, I moved the selector to “L” for “lunge”. I was pulling ahead, but then the hot rodder started to gain on me. I then put the selector in “R” for"race". At that point, I found the automatic most user unfriendly and that automatics aren’t for everyone.


Triedaq- The first tome I heard that joke was in the mtd 50s.

Here is a true experience of my first time with an automatic.

I purchased a 56 Desoto, my first car with an automatic transmission and power brakes. I drove it to the trucking company I worked at and at the end of the night I went to start it , it just sputtered and wouldn’t start. A buddy got the shop truck, a 47 international and hooke a chain around the frame of my car and the back axle of the pickup.

He towed me around the building until the Desoto fired up, at which point I did what you would do with a stick, put in the clutch and rev the engine.

Unfortunately, there was no clutch, what was there was the very wide power brake pedal . I snatched the back axle out of the pickup, shearing the spring hangers, brake lines and emergency brake cables and dropping the bed down on the ground.


I wasn’t the person who posted those words!

I didn’t say you were! Just pointing out what the OP might have been referring to as ridicule.

Mine wasn’t either, having had both automatics I owned stolen.
One wrecked by the thief and the other never found.

I learned to drive a manual shift vehicle about 50 years ago. I must have stalled out about a dozen times. Since then…I haven’t stalled out once that I recall.

I think that it is pretty typical for new drivers of manual transmissions to stall the engine when first learning to drive a manual shift car.
Like you, I stalled the engine several times until I got the hang of it, simply because driving a manual shift car is as much of an art as it is a science.
However, if somebody is still having multiple problems operating a manual transmission after two years, then something else is needed, such as the help of an experienced person who can sit next to the driver and coach him/her on what to do, as well as what not to do.