Access i20 Sports Option Instrument Cluster

I have an Elite i20 sports option… I am trying to access the instrument cluster settings of the car but everytime I presss “Mode” button on the wheel it just changes the Media type i.e. FM -> AM -> Media.

How can I access the settings and see milage of the car ?

You don’t give year of this vehicle so people can’t look up your owners manual , which should have information on how to use the controls. Also this is mainly a US site so I have no idea what a I20 is called here . There should be a Menu button some place.

Did you just acquire this vehicle or is this a new problem ?

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The i20 is supermini sold by Hyundai. It’s similar to the Kia Rio. As you might imagine, but North American standards the i20 is small and slow, but in India it’s considered a pretty decent car.