Instrument panel refurb (Mondeo MK4)

I was just wondering if anyone could help regarding the instrument panel in an 08 Mondeo titanium X, took it to the local garage and ive been told that the faults with the cluster are because the instrument panel will need refurbing and that because in these cars the IP runs through the immobiliser they would have to send it off and its gonna be pricey.

He did admit that hes unsure wether anyone else might be able to find a way to bypass the immobiliser and do it for cheaper, i guess im just wondering if that is a possibility?

That model was not sold in The US, so it is not likely that the regulars in this US-based forum will have any direct knowledge regarding its immobilizer.

You’ll need to find a shop that specializes in auto electrics. Based on the British car shows we get over here, there must be a little shop just around the corner!

If UK based this shop would be able to give an accurate quote for what’s needed, wouldn’t affect the immobilizer.
Ford Mondeo instrument cluster Speedo (Mk4). - Cluster Repairs UK

I issue with the instrument cluster located immobilizer is that the vehicle can’t be driven while the cluster is out for repair, that’s my view as a Yank.