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Accelerator pedal sticks

2005 Magnum with 64K and original battery: Battery warning light turned on and went immediately to battery shop. Alternator checked out ok but battery dead. Battery replaced but upon starting the engine max raced. turned on off several times still races at high RPM. Since i was out of town, drove home by feathering accelerator pedal by pulling it back with my foot and brake and cruised at about 40 MPH. Got home safe.

Question: will the computer reset after a fixed number of turn ons and offs or must it be taken to dealer for computer reset?

When the battery shop tested the alternator, they may have manually opperated the throttle from under the hood while testing. They may have inadvertantly let the throttle cable slip off or bind in some wa.

I would inspect the throttle linkage for any signs that it is not possitioned correctly.


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There is no throttle cable/linkage to the throttle body as it’s electronically controlled.

More than likely the vehicle has to be brought to the dealer so they can do an Electronic Throttle Control relearn with a factory scan tool.

Before going to the dealer, try this.

Turn the ignition switch on but don’t start the engine.

Wait until all the dash lights turn off. The Check engine light will remain on.

Slowly press the accelerator pedal to the floor and then slowly release the accelerator pedal.

Turn the ignition switch off.

Start the engine and see if the accelerator pedal operates normally.