Can anyone help? … The engine continues to run at the same speed after taking my foot of accelerator? Example ? Going down the road at 35 miles an hour I take my foot off the accelerator and the car continues to go 35 miles an hour, or drops down to 30 mph at best. … Car: 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 6 Cylinder 3.3 engine. … Thank you … :o)

If it has a throttle cable, it can be a broken/weak throttle return spring and/or sticking cable. Broken/weak pedal return spring on an electronic throttle. Faulty sensor on throttle pedal or fuel/air control. Fault in cruise control system. Mechanical obstruction not allowing air/fuel control to fully close. No matter what the cause, it should be considered unsafe to drive and towed to a reputable repair shop as there can often be a combination of problems creating the gripe.

Hi markkw, … Thank you for your speedy reply and information. I will try your recommendation and get back to you. Thanks again … suite210 (Tony) … :o)

Check the floor mats and carpet to determine if the accel pedal is getting caught up on any thing.

Use fuel injection safe spray cleaner (not carb cleaner) to clean the inside of the throttle body around the butterfly valve. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away the deposits. If enough carbon builds up the butterfly valve may start to bind. Clean and lub the outside linkages.

Ed B.

Hi edb1961, … Thank you for your reply. I will try your recommendation. Thanks again … suite210 (Tony) … :o)