Accelerator Cable



I have a 1998 Ford Ranger. My problem is jerky application of acceleration. I note slack in the cable connecting the pedal to the engine throttle. Is there any way to adjust this cable length to remove the slack. If the answer is no, can you advise me on how to replace the cable.


Have you held the throttle lever while someone pressed and released the accelerator to confirm that the problem is caused by the cable? If there is a problem with off idle acceleration the cause might be a coked up throttle body.


The problem might caused from a dirty throttle body. Aquire an aersol can of throttle body cleaner. Remove the air intake duct from the throttle body. Holding the throttle wide open, spray the throttle body with the cleaner for five seconds and then let it sit. Operate the throttle a few times and repeat. See if that solves the problem.



Are you sure that the slack is in the accelerator cable and not the cruise control cable? It is normal for there to be some slack in the cruise control cable. Both attach to the throttle.


There’s usually an adjustment for the cable, but I don’t think the slack is causing the problem you describe.


My truck has no cruise control