1999 chrysler Town and country

I am having problems with the acceleration. when I let off the accelerator it hovers around 2000 rpm and then it takes awhile to come down. I checked the throttle cable and it seems free and the springs are on the throttle body. any suggestions?

It could be a bunch of things but you gotta start somewhere:
I’d start by looking for a vacuum leak – a crack in a hose somewhere could cause weird idle conditions. I’d also look at the IAC (Idle Air Control valve). They can often be cleaned with some carb or intake cleaner.

All good comments above. I’d suspect a vacuum leak first. When I’ve had this symptom on my Ford truck, that has always been the cause. hmmm … what else? well, it could be that the throttle valve is sticking in the throttle body. Or the throttle cable just needs a lube, it may be binding somewhere. Did you look where it attaches to the gas pedal, and where it goes through the firewall, anywhere it it might bind? Another thing, unlikely, is a problem with the dashpot. It is supposed to damp the throttle closing, so it doesn’t close too fast, but maybe something is wrong and it is damping too much.