2002 Jaguar XJR - Unintended acceleration

My car keeps accelerating even when I stop pressing the gas pedal. It does not happen all the time, but way too often. I cleaned the throttle body often, and removed a carbon ball in the ERG valve that was the size of marble. I have sprayed
the “throttle” cable, and tightened away most of the slack in the “accelerator” cable ( btw, how much slack should be in this cable), what else can be done? HELP!

No 2002 Jag experience, but both my vehicles use cable-operated throttles like yours apparently does. I’m a little surprised a 2002 would have a cable operated throttle, by then many designs had switched to drive by wire, but if cable-operated is indeed the case with your car, I’m guessing you are on the right track.

EGR: carbon deposits on that part don’t typically cause an engine to race. I don’t think that’s the cause. More likely symptom, idling engine might stall.

Cable: My vehicles have no slack at all in the cable. If you think the cable is sticking inside the sheath, shop could remove the entire part, cable and sheath, and lube it on the work-bench. If shop can’t separate the cable from the sheath, orient vertically and try to get the lube to flow down the inside by gravity. Or just replace the cable.

Throttle valve/throttle body: I’m guessing this is the actual culprit. The carbon deposit inside the EGR is a clue; likely there are also hard to get at carbon deposits in the throttle valve area. Ask shop if removing the throttle body for a thorough bench cleaning might do the trick. Much easier to access the area behind the throttle valve, which tends to get blasted by the EGR and PCV systems.

Common sense says to first carefully check the accel pedal area in passenger compartment, make sure carpets/mats aren’t interfering, and that there’s nothing broken or sticking in the linkage.

I do not think there should be any slack in the cable. I would check the cable for a kink or chaffing. disconnect the cable and have someone step on the gas pedal and let go. then you pull it back and make sure it goes in and out freely. do it a few times. if there is no problem then it is probably your throttle body linkage hanging up. see if there are any wear points on the throttle body linkage.
loose floor mats on top of the gas pedal have been known to cause a problem like yours. when it gets stuck you panic, move your feet and the mat comes off the pedal and you do not even realize it was on it.

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Thanks, Car Talk Community, I will do your suggestions this weekend!

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