Acceleration trouble

Last week I slid down a small embankment into a field. I had to have my car towed out because water came about halfway up my wheel. All week I’ve been driving to work and there hasn’t seemed to be any problem…last night however, when i would try and hit the gas, my car felt as if it was stuck in neutral and then it would kick in and go. This happened about three times.

Would you please help…thank you!!

Check the transmission fluid level. Have the vehicle on a level pad. Get the transmission up to normal operating temperature if possible. With the engine running in park, measure the level a couple of times. If the level is low, fill with the appropriate type of fluid to bring the level up to the full warm line. See if that helps the neutraling problem.

If you find that the fluid level was excessively low, check the transmission pan and the cooler lines to see if there is obvious damage and/or leakage. It is possible that in sliding down the embankment a projection caught or damaged something under the vehicle.

If these suggestions do not pan out, respond and bump your post with the type of vehicle, year, make, model, engine size, and transmission to give us a leg up on diagnosis.

Possibly, an oxygen sensor went bad due to the water.