03 trailblazer wants to go while in neutral

So my trailblazer has the 4L60E trans, 3-4 clutch went out ( of course) so I rebuilt it, new clutches, frictions, planetary gears, sun shell and seals
So I fill it up hit the key and let it run for 3 seconds, turned it off and filled it until the dipstick read full.
Now when I drive it, it feels like its dragging badly and wont even move until it hits 1000+ RPM on top of that it tries to drive forward while in neutral
Please can someone tell me what I screwed up?

The engine should be running, in park with trans at normal operating temp to check the fluid level.


Everywhere I’ve read of people having this same problem with the 4l60e all the responses just say to double check the linkages.

It’s not to mechanical linkages like the older models it’s the wire type linkage and neutral safety switch