Car goes in to neutral

What could cause my car to go into neutral while I’m driving? It’s dangerous.

Auto or manual transmission? How many miles on the car?

My guesses are: wear or linkage adjustment.

Does it do it any time, or maybe as it warms up?

Automatic transmission. It has done it when warm and when just starting. It’s happened only twice over two years, but it is un-nerving.

So, it’s not really going to neutral, it just stops going forward and coasts?

Low transmission fluid level would be the first suspect. If it is, you have a leak somewhere.

The Jeep dealer ran diagnostics yesterday and checked the fluid level - no clue. It coasts, which seems like neutral. No one seems to have an answer. I get it going again by moving the shift lever from drive to neutral and back again. Yesterday I was able to stop and put it in reverse which worked, then drive worked.

In that case, the transmission may be on its last leg. It may be time to get a second opinion from a good transmission shop (not Aamco!).