Accelerate jump

Accelerating jump stopping at light and find jerk on acceleration . Idle speed … not sure what to tell my dealer to check… this is a certified used CTS 2017… 4000 miles …
female widow not sure how not to e deemed stupid, also my window washer fluid does not spray higher then 2 inches on window AND my seat belt will not pull out without a fight…
this is my first 30 days… hope things get better

The second two problems should be easily explained and they should be able to correct.

The first issue (and your main complaint), you’re going to need to clarify a bit, unless it’s something that’ll be blatantly obvious. What rpm does the engine idle at in park and in drive?

Not sure on rpm. Told you i am stupid female. Lol

As a Certified Used you should have some kind of warranty . All you need to do is tell them what is wrong as clear as you can and let them solve this . You actually have a 2017 with only 4000 miles or is that what you put on it ?

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Sorry. 40000

Did the dealer provide you with a checklist of what they did to certify this car? They should have. If not, demand that they give you one. It seems to me that these problems should have been caught in the 172 point CPO inspection. See the Cadillac CPO program information at the URL below if you haven’t already.

They did but i dont think these things were all completed properly… they were being very evasive . The dealer is not what they used to be that is sad…. They had to replace the CUE , not happy that’s the car was even put up for sale … took forever to get a new CUE …all i wanted was to keep my old CTS until the inspections etc were done … however they took my 2010 quickly and i could not retrieve it… put me in horrible loaners for weeks … not a good experience … i liked the new car since i liked my 2010… buyers remorse … but there are many things to get used to… major learning curve … i am hopeful this will not continue … i just have lost confidence with the dealer, and their knowledge of Cadillac… i even had to ask for owners informant manual… really unnecessary… i am not someone who does not complain , but being a female widow i am not used to this new treatment… but i want to believe they did the inspections but i cant prove it… i have to take them at their word… which is why i am reaching out to car talk… sorry i feel so sad about all this … my fault …

No need to apologize and don’t write yourself off as a “stupid female”. You spent a lot of money and the car is under warranty, so you deserve for them to hear your complaints. They owe it to you. So remember that.

The only issue is, you need to define your complaint more clearly. You said “idle speed” and “jerk on acceleration”. Like I said, if it’s an obvious issue, they should see it without much of a description being necessary. I’m just having a hard time defining in my own mind what the exact problem is from your description of it.

I’ll be completely honest. Unfortunately, in my experience, if there is no check engine light for the performance problem, I’ve had a hard time getting a dealership to do any warranty repairs. Certified used just means low miles, good condition, late model with a warranty. The “200 point inspection” or whatever they call it is a bunch of marketing speak.


“Certified” used car is mostly just an excuse to charge a higher price.
That being said, the OP should hold the dealership’s feet to the proverbial fire in order to get the various problems with her vehicle taken care of.


If it can be shown that they missed a lot of problems in the inspection, maybe the dealer can be compelled to take the car back. This might require a call to corporate to get the dealer to move on it.

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Would i say RPM speed instead. I just dont understand the right words to use… it happens after the car is stopped at light etc. the jerk can throw my dog off balance (she is 70 lbs) … i believe they just wanted to get me into the car quickly since they took my $ and had to find me adequate cars to use. This was not easy for sure i had to complain about the loaners several times this was uncceptable hence why i just wanted my old car back but they already had taken it before the ink was dry. I did write to the dealer and received an apology but it seemed empty … a sorry letter at best. . I even had to put $30.00 in gas in the last loaner since the kid who delivered it to me said it was empty… REALLY!!! I am still waiting for that reimbursement…which is nothing but principal… just typical of my experience… who should i write to or should i wait until i go back in and give them a chance one more time…
i really appreciate your help and i only wish you lived near me …
again tanks to all for being there.

I am having a hard time following this . I guess you had problems with your vehicle and they had it for a while and you drove loaners ( our Volvo dealer has loaners but it is up to us to return it with the same amount of fuel ) . Did you just give up and trade your vehicle in for this one ? If that is correct then maybe you can talk to the General Manager about getting this fixed or paying a user fee to just return the vehicle .

I think that you might be a canidate for leasing a new vehicle which does not need to be a Cadillac does it ?

So it jerks when you are stopped with your foot still on the brake?

Finally went to dealer… it seems like there is a new button which SAVES gas that i need to turn off… but at least i know now… my dealer visit was with someone who knew the car!!! As well as knew how to translate my concerns… the service writer was an arrogant jerk… they also changed the fluid to higher grade or different grade and it fixed the overall ride… right now things seem good … i really like this forum and want to thank everyone who tried so hard to understand me…

I don’t know what fluid they could change that would make the ride better . Does this vehicle have a way to change the suspension from comfort to sport handling ?

Are you referring to Automatic Stop/Start, which turns the engine off at stoplights?
On some models, the automatic re-start can be a bit rough.
If so, there may be a lot of other features of which you should be aware, that are explained in the Owner’s Manual.

they probably changed the transmission fluid to a different one. chevy which caddillac is a part of, had this problem of the transmission jerking and shuttering.

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I would tell you if i would have been given a receipt but my service writer was supposed to email it… so i had to write him for it… my guess it was transmission … the mechanic who drove with me said it may fix the vibration etc. and turning off the gas saver indicator really seemed to work… when i rode with him he was very knowledgeable and respectful… knowing changes in 2017 Cadillac CTS from my 2010 CTS REALLY WAS A HUGE HELP.

THEY sell more Chevy then Cadillac…