2023 Cadillac Escalade - Jerks

My car jerks when I start to press on the gas

How long have you had your 2023 Caddy? Has it done this from day one of ownership or a new problem? What does the dealership say about it?

Another case of “I want to know what it is, before I get it fixed free under warranty”. Does it matter? Use your warranty. And keep using it until the problem is resolved.


Using the warranty, of course, is the best way to resolve. At this point its not your problem as much as the dealership’s. Try to keep it that way. If you’re just curious for guesses what the cause might be?

  • Faulty throttle position sensor
  • Overly lean air/fuel mixture
  • A bevy or various issues, too numerous to speculate w/o more info, involving the ignition, fuel, emissions systems, and engine mechanical problems.

Definitely not normal. I tested a new Escalade last week, and it was smooth as silk. Let us know if it turns out to be related to auto stop start.

Do you really have a 2023 or is that a typo?


Not disputing that the 2023 Escalade exists, just want to make sure we are giving valid advice to the OP. If it’s really a 2003 or 2013, going to the dealer for a warranty claim would not be what’s called for.


Asking if this really is a 2023 is not out of line . After all we had a person here recently that kept calling his Toyota Tundra a Tacoma .

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well, after 4 days I do not think OP is coming back.

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