Acceleloration trouble

when i step on the gas my 2000 gmc 4x4 truck with automatic transmission will not accelorate

Do your RPMs go up (indicating transmission problems) or do they stay the same?

Have the spark plugs, fuel filter or air filter ever been replaced? Fullsize or compact truck? Any addition information will help.

rpm pretty much stay the same

full size truck 5.3 liter engine with 270000 miles on it pugs and fuel filter bout 3 years old and air filter new

plugs and fuel filter 3 years old at 27K per year that is 80K miles. Perhaps some new plugs and other maintenance items are needed.

Fuel filters don’t need to get clogged by debris from the tank to give trouble,the filter media in the filter itself can become detached and restrict the fuel flow.

Have you considered a compression test? How is the fuel mileage?

Interesting, Old School. Could You Expound On This Clogged Filter Information? I Think They Are Often A Part Of A Misdiagnosis (or a profit generator).

How often do filter media become detached and restrict flow?