New fuel filter?


My '03 Ford F150 4x4 started “missing” today. It’s not an engine miss. It feels like it’s starting to run out of gas. I drove 60 miles today, and it did this three different times, usually lasting about 20 - 30 seconds per episode. It didn’t affect the RPMs. The truck has 80K miles on it. Should I start with replacing the fuel filter?


If it’s never been replaced, then it should have been about 50k miles back.

I always recommend draining the filter contents into a jar for examination. After that, the old filter should be allowed to dry for a minimum of .5 an hour.
If you cannot easily blow through the filter after that length of time then the filter is clogged to some extent. Over time a clogged filter can kill a fuel pump also.

There are other things that could cause this such as an EGR fault, but the filter is a good place to start.
JMHO anyway.


Thanks for your help.