Truck question?


Hi.Dont know if i can post a truck question,but here goes. I have a 93 Mazda 2200 pickup. It is so hard on gas that i can hardly drive it. The air filter is very dirty,i need to get a new one,and i havent checked the plugs,so i dont know about them.It has 70 Thousand KLMs on the engine,and it runs well.,just very hard on fuel. I was told that even if i put a new filter in it,and new plugs,it will still be the same…Is this true? Are these small trucks,and engines gas guzzlers?..Thanks.Glen


Well, it really depends on a few things, one of which is gearing. Unfortunately, because the engines in these trucks weren’t all that torquey, they tended to gear them pretty low in order to make up for the lack of “grunt.” Lower gearing = higher cruising RPM = poor fuel mileage.

There is, however, nothing wrong with a good old fashioned tuneup. Filters, plugs, wires, O2 sensor (if it hasn’t been replaced). Check your tire pressure and make sure it’s even on all tires and not too low. Jack the front end up and spin the wheels to make sure your brakes aren’t dragging.

What kind of mileage is it getting? My dad has an '88 B2000 in very good shape which gets about 20 with light highway driving (though his is carbureted and I believe your 2200 has fuel injection.)


My truck,i forgot to mention is automatic,i get proberly only 18 MPG on this truck,the way it is.Im going to install a new air cleaner,and plugs.but i dont know if i can up the gas milage anymore.I thought that i should at least get 26 MPG…i had a nissan before this,and i got better milage from that.Gee,i love that truck,i just cat afford the gas,not at $1.24 a liter…here in Nova Scotia!


Oh…and yes it has fuel injection.Tire pressure all good…i make sure of that.


Air filters should be very quick and easy to change, a clogged one will certainly reduce your fuel mileage. Replacing plugs would be a good idea too. How are your tires? Are they the correct size and inflated properly?


The tires are inflared properly. They are 205 14 inch…i believe,thats what it calls for on the truck door panel. Would it hurt to remove the air cleaner for a bit till i get a new one?


At a previous company we had Ford Rangers as company trucks, they are essentially the same vehicle. Do your tune up, air filter, and fuel filter. You should see an improvement but don’t expect more than about 22MPG.


Thanks. Ill do what i can to try to help it out a bit.


Changing plugs and filters won’t usually give you GREAT increases in gas mileage…HOWEVER it will pay for itself in increased gas mileage…not to mention the increased longevity of the engine.

What kind of gas mileage are you getting??? I"ve owned several 4-cylinder trucks over the years…and while they don’t get GREAT gas mileage…they are usually in the low to mid 20’s mpg. What is the EPA rating on this truck???