Ac running hot part 2


yesterday I posted a question about a 2001 dodge intrepid with ac that blows hot air. Last week an ac check and dye test were performed and 2 pounds of freon were added. The air blew cold that day, since then…the ac is blowing hot air again. Could it be the compressor or something a bit less financially taxing. Any suggestions for problems and repair costs?


are you positve it was 2 lbs? and what type of refigerant was used ,134-A,R12,R22. ?


the receipt lists cold freon 2 pounds.


I recommend you take the car to the person that installed the freon,and see if its still in there. then go from there.


2001 Intrepids do not use Freon, nor has any car used Freon since the early 90s. It’s almost certainly R-134a.

Did the dye test reveal a leak anywhere?


If they put 2# refrigerant in it, found no leak, and it is low on refrigerant again, they did not look hard enough for a leak.


freon is a generic term,none the less the OP said it was cold,so with that in mind it should still be in there. needs checked.


or too busy and didnt look at all.


I agree; if 2 pounds of refrigerant was added then the system has a major leak. Since the A/C system is 8 years old it’s due.
The usual suspect with A/C leaks is the compressor shaft seal. Since time has passed and the system is obviously empty this means another inspection for traces of dye may show up something.
If the bottom front edge of the air compressor behind the pulley is oily then it’s more than likely the shaft seal has gone.

A better means of leak inspection is an electronic refrigerant sniffer IMHO.
(Note that it’s not a good idea to simply add refrigerant on an older car with an empty system. Some oil should be added also due to the fact that refrigereant oil is lost along with the refrigerant)