AC Pressure Keeps Changing


I have a 2018 Nissan Rogue AWD SL model. Bought it in March certified pre-owned. Well, everything was great until I took it on a road trip (a 4 hour drive). After about half an hour I started getting really hot even though I had the AC on and on a higher speed. I realized that there was nothing coming out of the vents even though it sounded like it was running. I tried different settings and nothing worked. I had to turn the ac down and then all the way off. I let it sit for a little bit and then turned it on and the pressure worked with any setting I put it on. Well about 15 minutes later (not having changed the setting) again nothing was coming out. The only that allowed me to get consistent air was to put it on the air from the outside option.

This is extremely frustrating and I have no clue why it would be working fine and then all of a sudden stop blowing. And just FYI the cooling is fine, so it doesn’t blow hot air, just no air. It will switch from blowing cool air to nothing.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

A 2018 will have a warranty so use it . If you take to a non dealer shop you could void that warranty .

Unfortunately not anymore. I have a power train type warranty but that won’t cover this, the other warranty ended at 36,000 miles and I have 36,900 miles on it. But yes I do plan on taking it to the dealer I’m looking for advice to see what it could be before doing so.

You could have a plugged drain line to your evaporator, and your evaporator is icing up. But it could be other problems, an a/c shop would be able to diagnose it.

And check your paperwork: if you got this from a Nissan dealer, then ‘certified’ may include some sort of additional guarantee. You just bought this, after all.

If you hear the fan running yet no air is coming out I would suspect, as seems to be a common theme with electronically controlled blend doors, that one of the blend door actuators is on the fritz. Confirm that there is no air coming out of any vents at all. If there is air coming out on the floor or from defrost (even though you have set on face) this would seal the deal. It sounds like if you turn the a/c on but DONT turn it to recirc it stays working. Is that right?

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I understand that you want information but a bunch of well informed ideas will not help much . The people who will fix this just want a clear description of the problem . Also Texas is correct many CPO vehicle have the warranty coverage extended . So look at your paper work or at least ask when you take it in for service.

Looks like Nissan’s CPO program only provides powertrain warranty. Thats a major bummer.

Yeah they wanted to charge 150 extra on my monthly payments for their extended warranty to cover things like this.

Right I get that, I just like to be more informed myself so that I know what they are talking about when I get their diagnosis.

can you tell if the a/c clutch is at least cycling on/off? maybe even see if the evap line is cold under the hood. simple clues to provide a bit more info.

Screw that!

Thank you for this! Actually I do notice a bit of a draft on my feet lately. I bought it when it was still cold outside so I was wearing boots. A bit frustrated with this considering it was certified preowned by a year. I have tried searching and I can’t find any other rogue owners experiencing this so hopefully it’s not going to be a major issue.

Mmm that is a bit out of my wheelhouse but I’ll look it up and mention it to the technician.

Well, I’m betting the air conditioning is blowing out by your feet, that the mode selector door is not functioning properly.

Let us know what they tell you!

On thing that might be happening is that the evaporator is icing up. As someone else noted it could be a clogged drain but it also could be a misbehaving expansion valve. The expansion valve should close when the evaporator gets too cold, keeping the evap. from icing up. You will have to consult an A/C tech to diagnosis.

Ok everyone, so I took it in and there is a hole in the condenser. The entire condenser will need to be replaced. They are working with me on cost since it is expensive and an issue that was likely there when I purchased the vehicle. A bit peeved since it was certified preowned 2018, I feel like this issue should have been found before selling the vehicle. But anyways…

Thank you for everyone’s thoughts and advice!

ok, you have a ac leak. but, you can tell if the air is being blown out the dash vents or the floor vents? the fan is forceful enough that you can easily tell? your early comments made me wonder if you had a fan blower issue also?

A hole in the condenser would mean your a/c would never work because the freon has leaked out. You said it worked intermittently, correct?

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Hey, did they recharge the system and add dye to find the leak?