2013 Nissan Rogue A/C Suddenly Blowing HOT Air

Today my 2013 Nissan Rogue’s A/C seeming started blowing hot air. It was fine when I went into a store and when I came out and got back into my car it was blowing hot air. I actually put a digital thermometer to the a/c vent and it reads 102 but outside is 78. I then went to an autozone and bought a low side pressure gauge and it reads 120 on the low side when the a/c is blowing full blast which I know is way too high. I am going to buy a proper manifold gauge tomorrow before I head to the mechanic and get a diagnosis. I know most commonly it’s a leak, broken blend door actuator or the compressor or condenser is broken. Given that it seemed so quick my though is it might also be something electrical that just gave out. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks all!

This is my honest opinion, not a snarky reply.
A cheap gauge set is over $60.
Save that money and just let the auto AC shop diagnose and repair.


Since it is blowing way above the ambient temperature and it occurred suddenly, I would suspect the blend door. There may be a procedure to recalibrate the the HVAC system.

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The 120 you see on the low side sounds like that is a static pressure reading. Static pressure means the compressor is not engaging and both low and high sides are the same.
This would be verified if that 120 pressure exists with the engine and A/C off. If that is static pressure then that likely means no leak in the system and it’s likely electrical.

Might consider a test light and go over all fuses in the underhood fuse box.

If by some odd chance that 120 exists and the compressor IS engaged then it might be an expansion valve problem.

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