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2017 Nissan Rogue - Surges - sort of

I have a 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport SL, I purchased it brand new off the lot. I am the only owner it currently has about 6,000 miles on it, I noticed while driving down the road at a consistent speed that it feels like the car is surging, it doesn’t lunge or anything but I can feel it surging forward and then goes back to normal. The other day this happened and the air conditioner went full blast even on low it blew like it was on high. So I turned it off and it started blowing out of the defroster and the floor board. This went on for an hour or so and then it went back to normal. I have taken it to the dealership and they claim they can’t find anything wrong with it. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Start by reading your owners manual about how the AC works. Next, if the surging continues, take it back to the dealer and try to demonstrate it for them. They can’t fix what they can’t find.