Air conditioner in 05 Vibe not working well

The air conditioner in my 05 Vibe barely cools the car off on a hot day. I have taken it to the dealer and they say it works per GM specs. I took it to an independent repair shop and they said it is working fine but is undersized for the car and their is nothing they can do. I live in the Pacific Northwest, a hot day here is 85. Is there anything that can be done to improve the AC in this car?

If you want to spend enough money in a very competent AC shop, they might be able to make the AC more efficient. Look for a shop that does work on retrofitting old cars with no AC as original equipment. Some of them may be better than this because it involves being able to design an AC system. This is likely to cost a lot more than you want to spend. Another thought, your area is humid isn’t it? If so, you should be running in the recirculate/max mode most of the time if there is only one or two people in the car.

I’ve noticed similar issues in a couple of our vehicles. Are you setting the air on recirc instead of bringing in the outside air? Recirculating inside air will keep it as cool as possible. Also, maybe they are just checking the AC system and pressure. Is it possible something is blocking a vent?