Have 1990 Ford Festiva need aftermarket AC

I have a 1990 Ford Festiva that my mom bought me new. About 8 years ago the ac and even the heater started acting up. Now I haven’t had ac in years and as I live in Tucson this is a problem. I have spent a lot of money trying to get the ac running but it just doesn’t work. Does anybody know if I can buy an actual aftermarket ac/heater system, (like the one the dealership had installed), and get a mechanic to install it? Can a general mechanic install it or do I need to find someone who specializes in ac?

How funny, trying to tag my post with the make and model and it doesn’t even show the Festiva. I still like my little car.


It would seem to be easier and cheaper to get your AC going, versus tearing it out and installing an add-on ac system

“spent a lot of money trying to get the ac running but it just doesn’t work.”

Could you elaborate?


Something just occurred to me

I’m not sure it makes financial sense to do any ac repairs . . . or any major repairs on a 1990 Festiva

No offense, but the car aint worth squat

Except for the fan, the heat and a/c systems are pretty much separate. You’ll need to describe all the problems and work done in detail. Like @db4690 said, putting in a whole new system, if it could be done, seems like way more $$$ than fixing what you have (if you absolutely want to keep your Festiva).

Seems like you’re either gonna spend a lot of $$ to retrofit this or stick with your 2-60 setup as is. Why isn’t fixing the original AC an option? Rocketman