AC Fan

I have Volvo S80 2000 - 116000 miles on it.

The speed of the fan that blows the cold or hot air is not increasing even the knob is turned to full power. It blow the air as if the power is in level 3 or 4. Would you please let me know what could be the problem. Thanks… Srini.

It could be the resistor block. As you go through the fan’s “steps” it drops the resistance in series with the fan motor until on “high” it becomes a straight circuit, a full 12VDC applied.

Thanks much for your reply. I will try to change the resistor block.

Another question, please advice. All the parking light blinking after I lock the car with the key fob. This is happenning intermittently. Would that be related to this ???


The parking lights blinking when you lock the car with the FOB is a universal method of telling you the car locked properly. Mine does that. The other universal method is the “twip-twip” often heard in parking lots.

If it’s only doing it intermittantly, then the FOB system may be operating intermittantly. You’ll want to double check when ni lights flash to see that it’s locked. If it’s operating intermitantly start by changing the battery in the FOB. It may be weak.

Some cars, perhaps your Volvo, offer the owner the option of which method to use, lights or sound. If yours does it’ll tell you in your owner’s manual.

Sorry ,I meant that the parking lights are blinking continuously after, may be 5 or 10 mins once I lock the car. This is happening after what you said above. I need to unlock and lock it again to make the parking light stop. I am not sure anything related to alarm module…

Thanks for your help again…