Honda 2002 CRV AC Condenser Replacement

My CRV was in a wreck, broke the condenser in half. The AC system has been evacuated (open to atmosphere) for about 6 months. I have a new condenser. Anything special need to happen, or just hook up the condenser and evacuate the system using vacuum? Someone told me due to it being open for so long, process had to be special or more difficult or dealer only??


Any competent mechanic with a R-134a service machine could install that condenser.

You also need to replace the receiver-drier

You might want to consider flushing the system because debris might still be in the lines.

Offering A/C advice is a bit dicy because working with refrigerant can be dangerous; especially in the hands of a novice. Frostbite, blindess, or lung issues are not out of the question if something goes wrong.

Do you have a vacuum pump and full set of manifold gauges for the A\C?

You need to hear this! I have replaced my sons AC compressor and completely cleaned the system and replaced the expansion valve. I took HVAC in school and know the systems. While I was in school the new scroll type compressors were coming out and now I find that they’re junk! Honda put a scroll type in many models including my sons 2004 CRV and they implode sending fine aluminum powder and particles through out the system! After the second time I did some investigating and found that the piston type compressor in the 2002-2006 Accord fits his CRV and am going to replace it with it! Should have no more problems! Don’t listen to the dealerships or shops about this cause they don’t even know it! Everyone is waiting on me to let them know of this in many forms and won’t they be shocked! A fix that don’t have to be temporary! A real damn fix! Good luck on this! I hope I helped!

A new filter dryer should come with the new condenser and you should make sure no moisture is in the system. You may be getting in over your head trying to do this without knowing a thing or two! You need to watch youtube for vacuuming the system and watch as many videos as possible on there! Next you can go to Harbor Freight to buy a vacuum pump and or gauges! Good luck!

The OP’s compressor is apparently still fine at 12 years of age.


Thanks for the story

Respectfully, your story has NOTHING do with OP’s condenser, which was damaged in an accident

Thanks for all the input. Definitely I am not doing the evacuation and refill and such myself, will take to a reputable service company. It seems I just need to ask someone to flush the system (?) in addition to pulling the vacuum? I have just never heard of that in an AC system. New condenser definitely has a new dryer attached.

As long as your condenser wasn’t so “broken” that it allowed debris to get in the system, that is all you should need, since it has a receiver dryer attached to it. Any competent shop can do this work, it should be vacuumed out for a little longer than normal, to remove any moisture in the system. (water boils in a vacuum).