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AC Compressor cycles rapidly

Our 2000 CRV has an AC compressor that cycles so rapidly that it accomplishes nothing. As soon as it clicks on, it clicks off. This happens when it’s hot outside and idling. Seems to go away once we get more airflow past the condenser. The condenser and radiator fans are running. I’ve cleaned the outside of the condenser. Recently the problem killed the compressor completely. I thought it was originally a compressor just going bad. But now that I’ve replaced it, the problem has returned and obviously bound to kill another unless I fix it. When actually moving, the AC blows well.

100F ambient, 65F or so delivery.

low side 45 psi, high 250 psi. This is when it’s working. I can spray water on the condenser sometimes to get it to run well.

I speculate a pressure switch, or the condenser itself. Or is it possible if I didn’t pull a good enough vacuum, air in the system could cause the problem?

Well I fixed my own problem. I noticed the idle cuts down very low when this happens, looked into idle speeds and found my throttle was loose. I tightened up which made my idle within specs and the AC compressor can now kick on even idling (and stay on) without a problem.

Thanks for letting us know what the solution was!