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2002 Honda CRV AC compressor won't turn on

2002 Honda crv air compressor won’t turn on. Fan relay was bad; fan turned on when relay bypassed but compressor still won’t turn on

By fan you mean coolant fan I assume. Bypassing the coolant fan relay only proves that the fan motor is ok, that’s all.
Cabin blower on and blowing air from vents, A/C switch on, engine running, than carefully check for voltage at the compressor. The A/C relay on your fuse panel may be the culprit. Give it a plink with your finger and see if that doesn’t free it up or sometimes there is another non-essential relay on the panel that you can swap out or use a jump wire and jump the A/C relay.

I assume that you mean the A/C compressor? Or are you talking about something like an air suspension system?

Assuming it is an A/C compressor, one of the most common reasons that a compressor won’t run is due to a lack of refrigerant. And its right around this time of year that people start to discover these things.

I would certainly check out the basics of the power supply as noted. But you may be headed for an AC shop.

As USUAL…Cigroller is correct. The most common reason your AC comp will not turn on is because the refrigerant is not at the proper level/pressure. There is a switch on your ac lines that monitors refrig pressure…if you know where this switch is you can bypass it to see if the compressor at least has the ability to lock up and run…but dont run it long that way…just as a test. If you go to the auto parts store you will see (especially now) regfrigerant cans with the adapter to fill your own system…many if not all have a gauge on them. Buy one with seal leak stopper or conditioner…most are this way. Fill up your system to the right level and I bet you solve your own prob. 9 out of 10 X this happens bec the seals in your system leaked out a bit of refrig…Not normal but common as hell… When you add the new refrig with seal conditioner and stop leak many x it will hold. if not you will need to have your system leak tested and the proper seals replaced. Try to fill it yourself first its worth a shot and does not cost much at all…under 20 bucks.

That pressure switch simply makes or breaks continuity in your AC system for the compressor…when not enuf pressure the line is cut…when you fill it up the connection is restored electrically…like I said you can bypass this switch when you find it.

Cigroller and Honda Blackbird are absolutely correct. Low refrig. level is the most common reason for A/C problems and you should check that first. A word of caution, if you do try to fill it yourself, don’t overfill the system.