1997 Honda CR-V AC issues



When our CR-V was idling and the AC was on, the engine would surge and the car would buck idling in gear. Also the temperature especially when sitting at idle sucked. (believed the compressor or clutch was bad)

We purchased an aftermarket compressor and drier and had it installed today. So far the car has not bucked will idling in gear, but the temperature at idle still sucks. If you drive down the road for a while it does get cold.

I let the CRV run for a good 20 minutes observing what the fans did during operation. When the AC is turned on the smaller condenser fan operates but I never saw the radiator fan come on.

1. Do I need both fans on to have cool AC when the car is at idle?

2. Does any one know recommended high and low side pressures?

3. My idle speed seems low, how accurate is the gage?

1997 Honda CRV

150,000 miles


Both fans on the radiator should run when the A/C is on.
Without a schematic I cannot be specific on this except to tell you to verify that the fan motor is indeed good.

Once the fans are working, and if the cooling is still not up to par, both the high and low side pressures need to be known. Without that, the guesses are pretty shaky.