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AC compressor clutch?

2007 Jeep Compass:

The shop manual says that my AC compressor pulley does not have a clutch - instead the variable displacement thingamajig provides zero compression when not needed.

A couple of online parts sources (RockAuto and Napa, so far) are showing me nothing but compressors WITH clutch pulleys. Presumably these don’t work the same, and wouldn’t talk to the computer the same way. So what am I missing here?

Variable displacement compressors that don’t have an electromagnetic clutch and are direct drive still have a type of torque limiting clutch that can slip to protect against belt loss if the compressor were to seize.

The pulley is included but the details state “direct drive compressor”.

The shop manual made it sound more like a breakaway thing than a clutch, but I guess that’s it. Thanks.

That sounds like a fantastic piece of high technology, 'till it needs work. The system that controls that infinitely variable output compressor is likely a more complicated piece of electronic wizardry with a more confusing wiring harness than the complete wiring system on an air conditioned 1980 Caprice, many of which are still daily drivers. Americans want high tech and that’s what they get.