AC but no heat in my 2002 Taurus SEL

I have LOVED my 2002 Taurus SEL…until just recently. I have ac but no heat! which is a bit of a problem because I am in Minnesota and soon the snow will be flying!! Also, my vents on my dash are not working either. Any ideas on why? And how spendy to fix??

Redoing my post, misunderstood your question.

Maybe an electrical issue. In my mom’s 97’ Taurus the module is already missed up and needs replaced. Your best bet maybe to take it to an AC specialist.

There could well be more than one problem present, and neither is likely to be A/C-related.

I think that the lack of heat could be indicative of a blocked heater core, which would likely make it necessary for the heater core to be replaced.

The non-working dash vents could be the result of a disconnected vacuum hose (if the HVAC system utilizes engine vacuum to open & close the doors inside the system), or it could be an electrical issue if the HVAC system utilizes electricity to open & close the internal doors.

In any event, I think that the OP needs a mechanic who is willing to remove the dashboard in order to replace the heater core (if that is necessary) and/or find the problem causing the vent problem. This is a case where the labor costs are likely to far exceed the cost of the parts.

I don’t see this as a situation for an A/C specialist, and I believe that a good, general mechanic should be able to resolve this problem.

There is a front blower motor relay and fuses that should be checked. There is a motor for the blend door that gives you heat and a fuse for it to. If the relay is bad it will not power the front blower motor or selector switch.

my guess would be a clogged heater core.

The problem might be with the blend door actuator. This is what controls whether hot or cold air comes out of the vent system.

Go to YouTube, and in their search engine enter “Taurus blend door actuator” and you’ll see how to test and replace the actuator.



“my vents on my dash are not working”

If the air is stuck on defrost, you’ve got a vacuum problem, I would think . . . maybe a rotten hose

As for no heat . . . all I can say is this: I’ve flushed MANY Taurus heater cores, with great success

thank you all for your ideas. Tester, I will definitely check out your YouTube suggestion?, and knfenimore, I will also check for the blower motor and fuses…I’d like to try the easiest options first before having to have one of my mechanic friends have to tear the dash apart…but all ideas GREATLY appreciated!!