1998 Ford Taurus Heater Problems


Please Please help if you can. Are there any good mechanics out there or Taurus Experts who know about any known heater issues?

My Taurus makes the sound like air being blocked when I turn on the heater to full.

It blows great on a/c and when I put on the heater what happens is I have it on cold it blows fine, but if I switch it to heat it stops and sounds like something is in the way.

Anyone got any ideas? Is it the heater matrix or could something be physically moving across the blower space when I shift the heater control? Any advice would be great, thanks!


On most cars there is a blend door that switches from 100% AC 0% heat to 0% AC and 100% heat. It may not be working properly or there could be some sort of obstruction of the heater core. Someone will need to actually look at it and maybe take it apart.


If you are testing with the AC in Max position, the fresh air intake is probably blocked. Does this have electronic (buttons and digital read-out) or manual (knobs) AC controls?


My '97 developed a similar problem. The blend door would start to open and then suddenly fall down making a “flapping” noise. Never got any heat (or cooling … can’t recall which it was). Actually propped the door up manually for a couple of years using wire under dash to get heat and cold air each season until finally replacing the actuator ($45 dealer item, 4 screws under middle of dash, not too hard). Also had to flush the heater core at the firewall to finally get GOOD heat.