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2002 Taurus A/C & Heating

I have a 2002 Ford Taurus wagon (3.0). I have had intermittent problems with my A/C because at times it would work, and other times would not. Now my blower has stopped working but it also comes on only occasionally. Could this be a problem with a chip in the Heater, A/C & radio combined console?

Odds are the blower motor is at fault and these can be an off again/on again thing.
Testing the current draw of the blower motor could reveal if the blower is on its way out or not but this would require an inductive ammeter and a bit of an educated guess.

On the high speed position the blower should draw about 5 amps or so. If it gets into the 8 amp range then the blower motor is failing. A failing blower can also take out other things such as blower switches, resistors, etc. but at this point I would not suspect it would be that serious yet.

A quick look shows a blower motor is near a 100 bucks. That’s pretty pricy for a Taurus blower considering the earlier models are about 25-35 dollars.
I have no idea what’s so special about that one; it looks very similar to the others.

Hey! Thanks so much for that info. Are those hard to replace?

This is a common problema for this generation of the Taurus. There is a TSB for this. I had the same thing happen to me. It’s not too hard to do this repair yourself.

A copy of the TSB can be found at

You can purchase the parts from a place like

Good luck!

This vehicle has the fancy-pants electronic controls rather then the simpler knobs?

I have the 2002 Ford Taurus and I had to have the air Blend door repaired it was cracked. It would be blowing cold air then if I bumped it up to maybe 70 degree’s it would blow out Heat like 90 degree Heat on a 90+ degree day. I took it to where I bought the car from. What a nightmare that was. They told me there was nothing wrong with it. It was working normally. I told them to fix it. Well they said all you have to do is play with the buttons boost it all the way up to the heat and then bring it down to 60 degree’s and not touch it again. I told them this was not acceptable. It took them a whole day to not diagnose the problem with the AC unit. Finally the genius decided hey, I think we will let Ford work on the car. Well let me tell you I love the ford Dealership he took the time and fixed many many things on this car within the first month of me owning it. He finally after several tries figured it was the air blend door. The other dealership well let’s just say I think they took out all the good parts out of this car and put in all the bad parts they could find. I mean honestly how does a car end up with 3 different types of spark plugs in it. When I took it to the original dealership and told them it felt like I had a car bump me in the rear and no cars behind me were there. They gave me a bunch of lip service that nothing was wrong again. Once again, Ford fixed it, in fact The Service Advisor at Ford said please don’t take your car over there any more. He said they were calling him and cursing him out. I had found Ford to be very effective in all of my repairs. Just got my car out of the shop from some more repairs. Like I said I have replaced a PCV Valve, Air Blend door just about half the ac system was repaired and new parts were put on the deeper they got the more broken items they had found. Spark plugs, wires, speed control module. I am grateful I got the extended warranty on this car. The service writer calls this car the Gremlin. He is an awesome and honest service writer. I have to give him a hands up! They have had the Presidential honor for 2 years in a row! I am planning on helping them get it again this year!