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2002 Ford Taurus no heat

I have a 2002 Ford Taurus. When we bought the car the heat worked fine. One day we went to turn the heat on and it would only blow out cool air. We replaced the thermostat and that did not help. The blower works fine it just doen’t blow any hot air out. Also, the driver side seat adjusting control went out. The seat will slide backwards and will raise the seat up and down, but when you try to slide the seat forward it just makes a funny sound. It was working fine and the other day I went to move my seat forward and it wouldn’t go forward. Any help with these two problems would be great. Thanks!

You have a couple of possibilities on the heat issue. Since you have air, only it’s cold, I’m going to bet it’s not the flapper actuator, a whitish plastic part on the firewall in front of and slightly below to the right the oval radio. You can see if the 1/4" square hole in it moves when you turn the knobs by sticking your head under the dash and looking up. It it moves, it’s OK.

The more likely issue is that your heater core is plugged with built up crud from lack of service and antifreeze replacement. When the engine is warm are the heater hoses where they go thru the firewall into the heater core both warm, nearly the same temperature? Be careful not to burn your hand on the exhaust manifold. If not, hot coolant is not flowing thru the heater core. You may be able to clean out the crud with a mixture of CLR cleaner (as seen on TV) and 50% water. I usually disconnect the heater hoses 18" or so away from the firewall so I have approximately equal lengths to work with. Then I connect a garden hose to one and blow as much crud as possible out of the heater core. Then I bring both hoses up to an equal level. Then I fill one hose with the CLR mixture using a funnel. When the liquid comes out the other hose, the heater core is as full as it will get. I let it sit in the core for half an hour. Then I rinse it out and do it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. You get the idea.

If that doesn’t fix it, you are probably going to have to have the heater core replaced. It’s not an easy job as the dash has to be moved (some say REmoved) to do it. Check this out: If you can’t do it yourself, be sure the shop you use is aware of this shortcut. Most are by now.

check out this way of pulling the heater core, 10 min tops.
Taurus Heater Core Removal