AC Blows Stronger when Turning Right?


I just had my 2020 Nissan Rogue in for an oil change and such about 3 weeks ago and got a clean bill of health. Since then I have since noticed that any time the wheel turns to the right (not even a full right turn, just any time the wheel is even slightly to the right) the AC blows harder than it does normally. It doesn’t happen on a left turn. If I weaved around on a wide road in an S pattern, the pattern perfectly matches the arrangement of the wheel.

Anyone ever see this? Is this something to be concerned about?

I’d check to see if there’s something going on with the cabin air filter.


The chance of anyone with this problem seeing your post is low. Something to be concerned about , well I would be. Are you not still under warranty ?

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Hopefully warranty can figure it out if applicable. If not might be worth waiting till it gets worse.

Tester may well be correct, something is shifting during a right turn, unblocking airflow. If there is nothing you can see, then get it back to the dealership. Unlikely an AC problem will be covered after 36 months. Get it in and documented before the 36 month warranty expires.
This may well require a test drive by a mechanic, the dealership may be reluctant to do this with the current labor shortage. Keep pressing them on the diagnosis/repair.

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Just to be clear: this does not happen if you turn the wheel while the car is standing still, right?

Does it do this at all fan speeds?
At higher fan speeds how does the sound of air rushing out of the vents increase or change when turning?

You have that bass ackwards.

Blocking air flow is what causes a fan to run faster.

One of the fan laws.


I read it as having more air flow from the vents on right turns rather than the blower motor working harder to maintain the air flow. Either way there is a problem.

Hi everyone - thanks for the responses.

To answer a few of the above questions:

A) If I’m stopped and I turn the wheel either way, it does nothing different. It only happens when I’m moving and I turn right; it does not happen on left turns.

  1. It doesn’t appear to be electrical, or at least not tied to my turn signal. It happens whether I use the turn signal or not (note - please use your turn signals!)

III) The rate of speed I travel doesn’t appear to impact this phenomenon beyond the binary moving or not moving question. It happens at 15 mph and at 75 mph, it seems to be about the same variability.

Four) I guess I haven’t tried to set the air to anything besides full blast and see if it’s occurring at other settings. It’s June in Florida, you can pretty much park it on full blast and leave it there until November. If I were to guess I’d say turning right sets it to the proper intensity and the “default” when I go straight is really muted from what it should be. This is my wife’s car, so it’s a little hard for me to tell if the baseline is correct or if the right turn bit is.

Cinq) I would assume I’m under a warranty on it. That’ll be my next step, but I wasn’t sure if there was something simple I could point them to.

Thanks everyone!

Have you checked the cabin air filter?