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AC blowing cold on one side

Hey Guys, So the AC in my 96 Olds Aurora is blowing cold air on just the passenger side…I already topped off the freon myself, and the compressor is practically new. It’s plenty cold on the passenger side (if not very strong). Are there any other areas to look at besides a blend door? I can’t drop $500 to have the dash pulled to check the blend door…and it’s well over 100 degrees where I live…what’s worse is I wear a Morphine patch so overheating my body is literally dangerous, Thanks for any advice

Going through same thing with a friend’s car. I was able to get to the door actuator from under the dash by the gas pedal. If you haven’t looked, you might find the same thing - could be easy to get to. I looked up the actuator to see what it looked like, it was then obvious looking from underneath. In my case, I also unscrewed it and that allowed me to manually open/close the door by hand. That also allowed me to see that it did not move when I changed the temperature. But I didn’t see it get real cold when I manually moved the door back and forth, like I expected. Hope it is just the actuator in your case!

Me thinks it is time to replace this thing because of all the trouble you are having with it .

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I’ll give it a shot, thanks, I cant afford the labor of pulling the entire dash otherwise…

Not an option on disability, but thanks