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2002 DeVille A/C issue!

HELP!! My A/C is blowing Cold on the drivers side and very hot on the passenger side. I need to know if it could only be the Right Actuator or if it could be that or the temp control module or low refrigerant or low coolant. I am Disabled and need to know how to track it down before i order an actuator. I am living on a fixed income (VERY FIXED), i can’t afford a lot of money to spend tracking it down. Maybe i am wrong of it maybe being several things, that where i need your all’s help. Thank you Thank You !!!

I don’t think it’s low on refrigerant. Sounds to me one of the actuators does not work. I’m not sure if you have access to the passenger actuator through the glove compartment or have to take part of the dash or radio out to get to it. If glove compartment it’s really easy to replace. If the actuator is under the dash it can be a challenge.

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Thank you Kurt, yes i believe i can get to the actuator from taking out the Glovebox. So i guess that would be the right side actuator then?

you can bang on it with your fist and maybe get lucky for awhile.

yup, the driver side actuator is probably underneath the instrument panel.

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Since you’re getting cold out out somewhere at least, your AC system is probably working ok. Just the cold air isn’t being routed correctly under the dash. GM vent door actuators are a common issue reported here. Some of them are easy to change, others not so easy. If the one that is failing is one of the not-so-easy-to-replace ones, the best solution might be to just live w/it. At least you’ve got cold air out one of the vents. Just block off the hot air best you can.

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Ok Thank you George :slight_smile:

I was actually thinking of doing that Kurt. Thank you :slight_smile: