My brakes apply themselves from time to time. I have to pull to the side of road and pump them several times, wait for a while and then they will release. Has there been a recall for the ABS pump for Chevy Malibus?

…and you’re still driving around in this car? Have it towed to a competent mechanic ASAP. If this were to happen in the middle of a busy highway (where the legal minimum speed is 45 or 55 MPH), it could mean the end of your life.

It would be helpful if you supplied us with the model year for this Malibu.

Thanks for your response. It’s a 2006

The only thing I can envision in the system that may possibly cause brakes to apply themselves is a defective booster allowing the engine’s vacuum to slowly do so.

ABS systems do not apply brakes, they interfere (in a pulsating manner) with the application of brakes.

Is this an occasional malfunction, or one that happens routinely?

I agree–as I frequently do–with mountainbike.
Although what you describe is very strange, it is much more likely to be related to a bad power brake booster than to the ABS system.

I have a 98 Malibu, have had repeated problems with the ABS light. It has at time indicated that it is the altenator for some stupid reason. God knows why. Also brakes. They also have ABS fuses in this car. Good Luck. Get it checked immediately though. When my Alternator went bad my car’s electricity spiked and now my gas gauge doesn’t work right.