I will be driving along and it feels like my brakes just grab hold. If I have my cruise on, I can see the rpm go way up and then realize what is happening. When I then touch the brake, it will hardly go down at all. I need to pull over and wait a few mins. I can feel when the brake releases. If I am on an incline, it will roll ahead a little when it releases. Our mechanic cannot find a problem. They took all the brakes apart and found nothing. They also thought it was the transmission and had that tested. Nothing. Any ideas.

Have your mechanic check for a vacuum problem with the power brake booster.
The combination of varying RPMs and braking problems points toward a possible vacuum leak in the brake booster or in the line leading to it.

The only way I can see brakes “putting themselves on” is if the power brake booster is defective. With all the traction controls and ABS systems perhaps a wheel sensor or other component is causing the traction control to activate.

When you are driving where is your left foot? Do you ever use your left foot on the brakes?

What year is the T&C? Does it have ABS, traction control, and/or vehicle stability control? If it more than 3 years old when was the brake fluid last changed?

You did not specify the vehicle. The only time I have seen brakes apply themselves was on a 1-ton Chevy pickup that used power steering fluid rather than vacuum to assist the brakes. The vehicle got some water in its power steering fluid that would boil when it got hot enough and apply the brakes.

The van is a 1997. It does have ABS and traction control. The brake fluid was just changed several months ago. I never use my left foot on the brake.

I have a 2002 Town and Country that is doing something similar. sometimes when I get out of my car I can smell burning brake pads and the left rear hubcaps are very hot, if jacked up they are very hard to turn, after it cools down they turn freely and are fine for weeks. My abs light isn’t coming on so I suspect the master cylinder. If you have a aftermarket master cylinder there is a recall.

it can also be a swollen or collapsed brake hose