2001 Cevrolet malibu ABS


My name is Steven
I am the proud owner of a P.O.S it’s a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu, the trouble is with my ABS braking system. I replaced both hubs a year ago they have the ABS sensor built into them. The light has started coming on so I checked the voltage on both sides of the car the reading are, driverside at 169mv-320mv and the ohm reading is 1.02K, on the passenger side it reads 140mv-240mv the ohm reads 1.01K, one is a bit lower but well above the 50mv minimum. When I restart my car sometimes the light is out until the ABS kicks in on a wet or gravel road. Then the dash light comes on and the ABS system shuts down again, the only thing a code reader states is low voltage in the system but does not call out what side or where the low voltage is coming from… any suggestion?

Thanks for your time.

Maybe this link will help. http://ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/abs-and-trac-off-lights-on-gm-vehicles/

I think you are on the right track checking the wheel speed sensors. Unless you have access to the factory service manual procedure for checking the sensor operation, you may need to find a shop with the manufacturer’s scan tool to properly diagnose this problem. The aftermarket code readers often aren’t up to this challenge.

Or you could use Tom & Ray’s famous “black tape” solution.