BRAKES -- ABS on everytime I brake - 2000 Subaru Outback

I recently had my wheel hub and bearing replaced. The mechanic said I might hear a little noise with the brakes but they’d work. Turns out that noise is the Anti-lock braking system engaging every time I use the brakes. It happens when the car speed gets low, maybe 5-15 mph. Also, if I’m driving slow in a parking lot or something, and let off the gas, that change in speed sets the ABS system on too, without my foot being on the brake pedal.

I’ve also noticed sometimes when the weather is very cold, the ABS light will go on and the ABS brakes won’t work; just regular brakes.

Is this something that I’d be able to solve at home? Could I possibly bleed the brake lines to check for any air ( although braking seems fine ) , busted fuse for the system, anything else to check before asking the mechanic?

Thanks for your help and time.


You most likely have a problem with one or more of the wheel speed sensor circuits. Could be a bad sensor, could be a bad tone ring

This might very well be related to the work you just had done . . . I suspect something may have gone wrong during the repair

This has nothing to do with air in the lines . . . don’t waste your time looking at that

This also has nothing to do with a blown fuse . . . the abs light would be on continuously, even when you’re not braking

Question . . . was the abs behaving normally before the repair?

abs was behaving normally. would a mechanic consider repairing this free of charge considering it was working fine before the repair?


I am almost certain that something got botched during the repair

Unless the guy can prove otherwise, I think he needs to eat the cost of the repair

Alright, thanks for the advice