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1999 Toyota Camry ABS

anti lock brake fail

Bummer! Did you have a question?

yes, the brakes cut in and out, when braking. it makes a crunching sound.
it has new pads, calipers, rotors. Can’t figure out what causing the problem.

is there a way to disconect the ABS SYSTEM for trouble shooting via a relay or fuse?


Does the ABS light come on WHEN this happens? Or is it on all he time?

Yes there is a fuse that will kill the ABS. It is either labeled that in the fuse box or your owners manual will tell you which one.

From your problem description, however, I’m not sure that is your problem. Find the fuse, unplug it and see if anything changes - in a safe place to test, like an empty parking lot! If nothing changes get the car to a competent mechanic who can diagnose your problems - like a bad booster or master cylinder or a brake pad installed backwards!

It’s the abs sensors on both front axles. Rebuilt axle replacement seems to be the remedy, $$$$

No, it is not the remedy. The axles only have the toothed ring, the sensors are a separate part costing about $63 apiece. The ring rarely fails, the sensor fails fail regularly. Not usually together. Why do you think they are bad?

I notice you didn’t answer my earlier questions. How do you expect help if you don’t answer?

I was told that the sensors are not easy to install. The axle comes with the sensors
One of the CV has minor play. I’m currently reviewing all this. As to the price of assembly versus man hours etc. Main thing is I’m 99 percent sure it’s, sensors. Thanks

I don’t understand that remark art all . They are 2 separate items , parts + labor are how they will be listed. I am with Mustang try pulling the ABS fuse and if the brakes do the same thing then it is possible that the ABS is not the problem.

No it doesn’t.

@Mustangman is correct. An axle shaft does not come with the sensors. Only with the tone ring…if applicable!!! Most tone rings are either part of the “Wheel bearing assembly”, or the CV shaft assembly.
I’m pretty sure your’s is the later.

Wheel speed sensor

Tone ring

I have found a few tone tings that somehow were broken loose, but is not a common problem to find.

The sensor itself is one simple bolt, maybe removal of a small bracket, and unplug it.
Rep;lace in the reverse order.


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