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ABS & Traction Control light on after serp. belt replacement

I’ve got an ’07 Lincoln MKX with 69k miles. Battery light came on Saturday and I took it to the shop where they ran an electrical diagnostic ($140) and told me I needed a new serpentine belt ($140 labor, $59 belt and supplies). Picked up the car and when driving out of the lot, I noticed the traction control and ABS light was on. Shop was already closed when I picked up the car and when I brought it back in today, I was told they couldn’t clear the code, it isn’t a speed sensor issue, and the code is showing the lights are on due to an issue with the pump and it’s just coincidental that it happened after they worked on it. Does this make sense to you?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.

Stuff happens on a 12 year old car completely at random. The worst time for any shop is an unrelated failure the moment it exits the shop. It is just coincidental.

I wonder if the codes could be due to the low battery voltage and could possibly clear themselves later on. A low battery can cause strange things to happen with the pcm.

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