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2012 MKX skips while accelerating

91,000 miles

My 2012 Lincoln MKX skips/studders when doing a medium to hard acceleration.

I recently had a 90,000 mi service done. Lincoln cleaned the throttle body but this did not fix the problem.

Since Lincoln worked n the car the engine light has been on and off, mostly on.

I’m wondering what to look into next?

Find out what’s causing the engine light to turn on. Parts store can read codes. Post them here in P000 format.

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You mean I can go to a store like Autozone and they can read the codes?

Yes in most locations . Call and ask .

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Thanks you. Took it to Autozone. Car needs plugs or coil.

Was the check engine light on before the service? If so, what did the dealer find? BTW, you can have your MKX serviced by any shop. You don’t have to go to the dealer. You might save some money if you don’t use the dealer too.

Thanks for the suggestion. I generally don’t go to dealer but did for 90,0000 service. Prices are comparable and they gave me a loaner.

No, light was only on after dealer. I took it back to them. They found nothing and the light went out. It has been on and off for a couple of weeks but started to stay on 2 days ago.

BTW, what codes were read at Autozone?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the code itself but was told by both Autozone and Big O that it means ‘cylinder 1 miss-fire’

Got estimates from 2 shops. Both say need to remove the intake plenum (Ford said this as well) to get to the 3 rear plugs. That drives up the labor cost. So the work is

  • Remove plenum
  • Replace 6 plugs
  • Replace rear 3 coils (don’t want to have to take plenum off again)

Big O: $691
Local shop: 800

Big O’s price for coils was comparable to what I see online for Motorcraft parts, but they are charging $20 per plug and they are $5 online.

Online prices will almost always be higher than what a shop charges. Shops typically mark up every part they sell. We’ve had several lengthy discussions on the subject over the years on this very forum. But I’m leaning towards replacing the plugs, that seems to be the most likely culprit.

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