Traction Control turning off along with idiot light on; also ABS idiot light on. Lincoln Mark 8. '98

It’s to a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII. I love the thing and try to keep it running. Anyhow, I hooked a borrowed computer to it and it said that it was not reading the sensor. Yes, I checked all of the fuses. I also played hell getting a new (well, used) Anti-Lock Brake Sensor. Discontinued Motorcraft Part # BRAB81. No change in the problem. Obviously I need someones advice who is smarter than I am. It’s driving me nuts, and I can’t solve the problem.

I think you are going to need the actual trouble codes before anyone can explain what the problems are. Auto Zone and others will read the codes for you. The traction control will usually turn off if you have a current trouble code evidenced by the light on.

You will need to get a scanner on there that can read your ABS codes, a feat most auto parts store loaner code readers cannot do. The ability to read live data and initiate tests will also be preferred. Some consumer grade code readers can do some of this, but they are pricey (>$200) and can be a little difficult to find. A good shop will have the proper scanner (Snap-On MT2500, Matco Determinator, etc) and can help you out with this.

“I hooked a borrowed computer to it and it said that it was not reading the sensor”

Which sensor? There are a very large number of them in a modern vehicle.
What was the actual trouble code?

In case you are not aware of it, a problem with the vehicle’s emissions systems can result in the shut-down of features like traction control, ABS, and cruise control.
Have you ruled out engine problems, including those related to emissions?
How well has this car been maintained?

Ok, went back to the local O’Reilly’s and used their code machine (scanner) again. They’re the only local ones who have one that can read ABS codes. Here are my results and answers to questions.
Code # C-1236
Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor input signal missing. -Direct quote from scanner-
As far as I know there’s no problem with the engine, or emissions. The scanner didn’t find any, and everything seems to be running tip top to me.
While I can’t attest to the first 70k or so, the other 95 have been very well maintained.
The traction control does not turn off until the car is rolling. Then the ABS light goes on, I’m alerted to check the traction control, and the traction control off light goes on.

I’m guessing my added info isn’t helping?

No it isn’t helping.
I can’t find any code #C1236.
I also tried looking up codes C0236, C2236, and C3236.
Nothing comes up under any of those codes.

Are you sure that this is the correct code?

It’s the only one that showed up. Guess I’ll have to find a different scanner.

Amazing! I have gone to every parts store and repair shop in a 50+ mile radius. Nobody has scanners. The best they can do is turn off my check engine light (which, by the way, is not on). I even had one repair shop tell me that they wouln’t even touch my car even to put new tires on. The best I’ve found so far is a Ford dealer who said they would hook it up to a scanner for $100. You have got to be kidding me.