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ABS system malfunction

I’d like to know if anyone else with a Nissan Maxima has had problems with the ABS system. I have an '06 and its a great car except the ABS system has been replaced twice and I am about to have it replaced again. Luckily it is still under warranty from being replaced in March. The service people at the dealership are sorry to see me come in. They tried to tell me that the clunking noise was “normal” even on dry pavement but I’ve had cars with ABS systems before and they didn’t make that noise even when activated. No one else’s car makes that noise! It’s frustrating…this has been a wonderful car and no other issues other that this.

First, you’re right that clunking is not normal.

But second, ABS systems don’t clunk. So perhaps this keeps happening b/c no one has found the real problem. ABS activation could be described as a “grind.” So maybe work on your description or get them to look at other things.