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ABS Plastic Repair

Someone broke into my Maxima, and in the process, broke a piece of the ABS. The part broken is not visible; I could paint it fluorescent orange, and you still wouldn’t see it. It’s the attachment lugs that hold it to the center-stack frame.

The part costs $60, which is less than I expected, but I think I can fix it. The question is, How do I fix it? Does anyone know of a good way to repair ABS that will allow me to, in essence, replace a pair of attachment lugs into which small self-tapping screws will be used?

I was even thinking about contact cement and wood. A strip of wood 1" by 2" by 3/8" thick contact-cemented into place would do the trick… But would it hold on ABS?

I have never used this product but it was recommended by someone else- Devcon plastic welder