I took my car in because the steering wheel would shake when I pressed the breaks.

I was told the rotars where had groves and they fixed that problem.

60 miles later I heard a bumping sound in the wheels.

Tool back to the dealers and; now they say it was not lubed when the breaks where replace before they did the rotars.

Now they are saying the calipers are bad.

I say the guy in the shop did or didn’t do some thing the my car.

Of course the dollars are adding up.

what do you say is or could be wrong with my car and ffwhat should I do from here.


Find an independent non-chain shop that deals with Japanese imports.
Get a second opinion.

I concur on this except maybe ANY non-chain shop. Brakes do not require any specialty.

Like most brake (not break) systems, Nissans are easy to service. Rotors are about $50 each, and calipers are about $100 each. They only take 10-15 minutes each to change. Sounds to me like you originally needed rotors (you must have done some hard braking to warp them), and the repair shop did a shoddy job requiring you to return.