98 Maxima GLE

I took car for an estimate to replace CV joints was told the right rear bearing was bad and I need to immediately replace the hub assembly. Quote for part and labor is approximately $200. Car has ABS brakes. Can I just replace the bearing?

I don’t know what you are asking. Do you mean not replace the CV axle? How would anyone know? You didn’t say why you were having the CV looked at in the first place.

apologies. clicking noise in front when turning was reason to request an estimate to have CV joints replaced. Shop said CV joints least of my problems. Said right rear wheel hub assembly needed to be replaced before anything else. I want to know if I have to replace the whole assembly or can I just replace the bearing.

Oh - the bearing is probably sealed inside of the hub, so you have to replace the entire assembly. A lot of them are like that now. But I also don’t know the bearings on a '98 Maxima from a hagfish. The sealed bearings are often in the front, and rears can be bearing only. What did the shop say about it?

You can’t just replace the rear bearing. It’s the hub/bearing assembly that requires replacement.


Your car uses sealed hub assemblies rather than tapered roller bearings, and $200 parts and labor is very reasonable, almost too reasonable. Make sure your mechanic uses good quality parts, as in, not the cheapest available, even if it drives the estimate up. Request a name brand like Precision, Moog, Timken, or National. They may cost more, but it’s well worth it to not have to do the job over again next year.