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ABS light is ON and rear break lights stay ON


I am looking for help to diagnose this problem. I have Subaru Outback Ltd 2001, 75K miles. Around three days ago the ABS indicator came ON and would stay on ever time I drive. Just yesterday I have been told that my break lights stay also ON. I don?t know what is going on. When I press on break pedal the break lights illuminate brighter, I am guessing the break pedal switch must be working.

I tried to read codes with Kragen’s ODBII code reader but shows zero codes.

Had same problem with 2000 dodge dakota. Have speed sensor checked. Mine was located in rear axle housing. Codes would not read either. It would take approx. 2000 rpm before odometerwould show reading. Changed speed sensor, no problem since.

I have a 2001 Dakota. Same thing, both lights went on… plus, the speedo & cruise quit working. I changed the speed sensor, but the condition still exists.
A local Chrysler dealership says the ABS unit (pump & brain) need to be replaced ($$$$), but the parts stores can only get the vehicle to code ‘Speed Sensor’.
As we’re buying a home currently, I’ll have to judge my speed by the tachometer.
Is there something else I could be looking at for a diagnosis… …that’s cheaper?