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ABS lights

I have a 95 Kee[ Grand Cherokee Limited with 130,000 on it and it has an intermittant ABS light problem. The light comes on occasionally and drives me crazy. I took it to the dealer and they checked it and replaced the switch and as I pulled off the lot the light came on again. They said it was probably the ABS pump and they would try to find one. It has been 5 weeks and they still can’t find one. I’m wondering if it is a contact problem somewhere and not the switch on pump as it can work for days and then just stop.

A failing wheel speed sensor, or a bad electrical connection at one, will make the light come on. The ABS pump is one of the LAST things I would want to replace to fix this. Start with the least expensive parts.

I would get a second opinion from an independent mechanic. “Probably the ABS pump” is a pretty crappy diagnosis. The ABS pump can be tested to see if it’s bad. You don’t guess about these things.

Thanks, I will try to find a good mechanic to check. Is there something sprcial I should be looking for in a shop?

I had a 1997 Grand Cherokee with an intermittent ABS light and the problem was a bad sensor, for what that’s worth.